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About Jasclipse

Jasclipse is an Eclipse plugin for developing applications written in Jasmin. It provides Jasmin editor with syntax highlighting, error marking and Ctrl+Space assistance. It also allows compiling your files with Jasmin 2.2 using standard Eclipse build command.

Jasmin code is fully integrated with standard Java Project, which means that one can use Java classes located on project classpath in Jasmin files. The opposite usage is also available: one can import Jasmin classes to Java code. This kind of solution is quite natural, as Jasmin files compile to *.class files.

Jasclipse uses some standard Eclipse views, such as Errors and Warnings View, Task View and Outline View. Each of this views has been adapted to show information specific for Jasmin files.

The plugin also provides a set of wizards. It adds two wizards to 'New' dialog box. They are used to create new Jasmin classes and interfaces. Jasclipse also provides editor specific wizards. These are used to create new fields and methods in edited files.

Jasclipse also includes many useful information about Jasmin language itself. It contains a guide through all Jasmin directives and instructions, as well as hover help for every directive or instruction used in edited file.

What's new
08-09-2007 - Version 1.0 available for download!
17-05-2007 - Beta version (0.9)
21-04-2007 - Creating jar archive for Jasmin compiled classes. [revision 83]
15-04-2007 - Resource management for *.j files. Completed Ctrl+Space [revision 82]
13-04-2007 - Format *.j files using Ctrl+Shift+F. [revision 76]
13-04-2007 - Jasmin Class and Interface Wizards completed. [revision 69]
13-04-2007 - Syntax validation completed. [revision 66]
01-04-2007 - Commenting, uncommenting and adding new field and methods. [revision 64]
18-03-2007 - Basic Ctrl+Space. [revision 57]
12-03-2007 - Outline view with new icons. [revision 54]
03-03-2007 - Outline view. [revision 52]
27-02-2007 - Hover descriptions for instructions. [revision 51]
27-02-2007 - Syntax highlighting preferences editor. [revision 49]
23-02-2007 - Hover descriptions for directives. [revision 46]
11-02-2007 - Syntax highlighting completed. [revision 39]
30-01-2007 - Syntax highlighting (alpha). [revision 38]
21-01-2007 - Jasmin builder (alpha). [revision 33]
18-01-2007 - My first New Jasmin Class Wizard version (alpha). [revision 26]
10-01-2007 - Instructions and directive descriptions andded to Jasmin Guide. [revision 24]
04-01-2007 - This page has been created.
Click here for Jasclipse tutorial.
For more information about Jasmin project click here.
Click here for zipped version of tutorial: jasclipse_tutorial.zip
Click here for Jasclipse code documentation: jasclipse_doc.zip

Installation of Jasclipse using Software Updates

  1. Select Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install... in your Eclipse environment.

  1. Select Find new features to install and click Next.

  1. Select New Remote Site ...

  1. Insert name for your update site and type URL: http://jasclipse.sf.net/update

  1. Select prefered plugin version.

  1. Follow instructions on the screen to complete plugin instalation.