Jasmin Editor

Jasmin editor is associated with all *.j files. It provides most of Jasclipse Plugin features.

Here is an example of file opened in Jasmin Editor:

As you can see, Jasmin Editor highlights file's syntax. It highlights all specific Jasmin key words, such as directives, instructions and accessors. It also highlights comments, labels and constants.

Jasclipse marks errors and task found in the file. Every error found in the file has a marker on the left margin. It is also underlined in the text. Putting mouse cursor on the marker shows error description. All errors are also visible on Errors list in Problems view.

A task is a commented phrase starting with 'TODO'. Every task is marked with a tick icon on the margin. It is also visible on the list on Task view.

Jasmin editor makes programming in Jasmin much more simple, by providing context help. At any time, you can use Ctrl+Space keys and Jasmin editor will return a list of possibilities. This feature is context aware, which means, that it will recognise an expression part and return different list for every semantic part of the language.

Every instruction and directive of Jasmin language has it's description, which can be seen after putting mouse cursor over it. Description contains of example of usage, short description of operation and state of stack before and after invoking.