Creating a new class using New Class Wizard

  1. To use New Class Wizard you should be in Resource or Java Perspective.

  1. Select container in which you want the new class to be created.

  2. Open wizards dialog (there are many ways to accomplish this step in Eclipse)

  3. Unfold Jasclipse category and choose Jasmin class.

  4. Click Next >.

  1. You will see a New Jasmin class dialog box.

  2. Fields Source folder and Package will already be filled for you. If you want to choose different place for your class, you can either manually change them or use Browse button. If no package is given, Eclipse will use default package.

  3. Get your class a name by filling Name: field. Name must be unique within a package and should start with a capitol letter.

  4. You can define accessors of the class by checking or unchecking accessor fields such as public, final etc.

  5. You can choose superclass for your class. If no class is given, Eclipse uses java.lang.Object as default.

  6. You can specify interfaces this class implements by adding them to Interfaces list.

  7. You can automatically generate the main method by checking Create main method box.

  8. You can automatically generate default constructor by checking Create default constructor box.

  9. Click Finish.

  1. The class SampleClass is created in com.exaple package.

  2. Class file is open in the editor.